Monday, April 12, 2010

A NICE Graduation Gift

For the senior Fashionable Collegians out there, commencement is nearing.  What could be a better graduation gift than getting the ultimate experience of being in NYC for the premiere of Sex And The City 2?! *begging your parents may be required* I personally LOVED the first Sex And The City movie and can't wait to watch the second movie (May 28), when I go back to NYC.  Check out The Luxist for more info on the sweet, "Sex And The City 2 Hotel Packages" and as the saying goes, "Get Carried Away."


  1. Ohh I'm definitely going to beg my parents! I love SATC!!!

  2. That would be so amazing! I wish..

    Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the blog love :)

  3. @Ire A Thanks for the comment. I visited your blog and I've added you onto my blog roll-The Fashionable Collegian.