Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stripes Sensation!!!

Stripes have made its way back!!! Yay!!!  I personally love stripes because you're able to get bit of an edgy, yet girly look simultaneously, when wearing an article of clothing that entails a stripe pattern. As of recently, there has been some innovation regarding the overall look of stripes. Instead of the typical horizontal stripes design pattern on clothing, both vertical and diagonal stripes are starting to appear.  In addition, stripes are appearing more and more on cardigans, stockings, hats, and even underwear (go figure :p)

First, it is important to know that stripes in itself is a bold pattern to wear, so to help tone down the look a bit, match it with sold colors of your choice. Secondly, if you're a "beginner stripes wearer," you may want to start with a shirt that has a stripe pattern, then work your way around to enhance your look.  I made some outfits using stripes so you can see what I mean and perhaps you can reference this for your own wardrobe. The first look (from the left) is more for a spring/summer outfit. Pastels are really HOTTT for the season. The second look, is for a night on the town/club look. Skinny jeans are here to stay for another year. lol!  The third look, is more of a cute, everyday look you would likely wear to class. Red is the perfect color to help make your outfit stand out. It's a nice splash of color, that pops out. Thoughts?

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