Monday, April 19, 2010

What I Wore To Class...

Greetings! Fashionable Collegians! Today is such a beautiful day  on the Mount Holyoke College campus!  There's a plethora of Prospies (i.e. MHC's term for Prospective Students) on campus and my little sister happened to be on of them :)  She really loves this place, so maybe she'll come to Mount Holyoke next year *crossing my fingers. lol*. Anyways, here  are some pictures of "What I Wore To Class." 

I'm wearing a vintage black and white Liz Claiborne button-down top with Forever 21 black leggings,  black platform shoes, and a black belt from Torrid around my waist to enhance an hourglass body shape. And of course I have my Harper's Bazaar mag to complete the look :p Très chic!

What did YOU wear to class? Let me know. Send your pics to (