Friday, January 26, 2018

A Fashionable #FBF

Happy Friday Fashionable Collegians,

I hope all is well. I took a trip down memory lane and came across this picture of my younger sister, Sade and myself at her graduation from UPenn’s School of Social Policy and Practice. Prior to attending UPenn, Sade attended Cornell University as an undergraduate. This Fall, Sade will be heading back to UPenn to begin her career in law. So proud of her! I know graduation day is a few months from now for some of you, but wanted to share this picture for inspirational purposes. Graduation day is just around the corner. Please remember to savor these last few months, strengthen your friendships with your peers, be diligent about your studies, and try to explore the things you’ve been putting off for ages. Trust me, you’re going to miss these moments when they are gone. “Adulting" is no joke! Ha!

Have a great weekend!


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