Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashionable Collegian STYLE PROFILE: Crystal Boateng of Mount Holyoke College

Haigh (i.e. that's "Hi" in Irish) Fashionable Collegians! The Fashionable Collegian STYLE PROFILE of the week is Crystal Boateng. Crystal is a senior at Mount Holyoke College and is one of my BFF's. 

About Crystal:
Name: Crystal Boateng
Age: 21
College: Mount Holyoke College 
Major: French and Politics double major

Her style is very classic-and I LOVE that!

Very cute!

Click below to see more of Crystal's style and her insight on fashion!

What clothing stores do you frequent:
Macy's, H&M, Foever21, Zara
Must have fashion accessory: Cardigan

Favorite fashion designers and why: I don't have one favorite designer but, I like Oscar de la Renta especially his spring and summer dress collections and also Christian Lacroix for his vibrant colors and styles.

Celeb Fashion Inspiration and why: No specific celeb fashion inspiration, I like to mix and match, most of my inspiration comes from fashion magazines such as Vogue and Glamour.

What was your style before entering college: I used to wear whatever i thought was in at that time, no unique fashion sense. 

How has your style changed since then: I create my own outfits now by mixing and matching articles of clothing in my wardrobe, I also wear a lot of scarfs and boots after my study abroad experience in France. 


Fashion advice for the Fashionable Collegians out there:  Be YOU, don't try to fit in by wearing what you think is "in". We all have different body shapes and skin tones so wear what compliments you the most!

What are your thoughts on Crystal's style and her insight on fashion? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Love it!!! Thanks Bisi for featuring me on your blog!! love ya!

  2. No, thank you! You were a great candidate for this week's STYLE PROFILE. xoxo

  3. beautiful pictures!