Monday, April 26, 2010

What I Wore To Class: All Black Everything

Ahoj (i.e. that means "hello" in Czech), Fashionable Collegians! I just found out over the weekend that I have some readers from the Czech Republic! How cool is that?! I'll be giving  more shout-outs to an array of international readers of The Fashionable Collegian throughout the week, so stay tuned, your country may be next!!! Aside from that, here are some pics of "What I Wore To Class." *cue Jay-Z's  song, Run this town* 
"...all black everything, black cards, black cars, all black everything..."


I felt like going for an edgy look, so I wore ALL BLACK EVERYTHING to class.

I'm wearing a black Tommy Hilfiger rain jacket (retail price: $50), a black tank from Old Navy (retail price: $2.00-when they were having their clearance sale!), black leggings from Forever 21 (don't remember-sorry. lol), black boots that I got in London (retail price: $45), and my favorite pair of glasses were from Forever 21 (retail price:$8.00).

Flip the hood to see more pics of yours truly-MOI!!!

I was definitely feelin' myself that day. Check me out! 

I got it goin' on
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  1. these pictures of you are gorgeous! i didn't even know those types of prices were out there!

  2. Damn, Bisi! lol, cute!

  3. Aww, thanks for the comments! @11:10 I try my best to look for things at a comfortable price point for me. It's a hard job, but I try to make it work. lol

  4. very few people can pull off an all black outfit but you did it! good job :)