Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fashionable Collegians (Mount Holyoke College Edition)

It was a beautiful day today in the South Hadley, MA neighborhood! The temperature reached almost 90 degrees! Yikes! It was nice to see everyone make the transition from wearing Uggs, rain boots, bubble jackets, hats, and gloves to skirts, shorts, dresses, flats, thong sandals, cardigans, over-sized shades, etc.  Admittedly, since I had only one class today, I was contemplating not going, but mustered enough strength to go anyway (I need to take advantage of the warm days, since the weather in Western Mass is never consistent. lol) On my way back from class, I was met by two stylish friends of mine, who looked stunning in their attire. Both Tania  (left) and Natalia (right) were sporting two completely different looks, that looked really dope. I asked to take a pic of them and they obliged :) Below is a pic of both Tania and Natalia. Don't they look cute?!

Flip the hood to see ways to get these two looks!



  1. It's so hard to find the perfect floral dress..not too girly and not too moo moo

  2. @5:12, this is true, but if you find a floral dress that's on the "moo moo" side, you may want to use a belt of some sort to cinch the waist, in order to achieve the "hour-glass" shape. Also, you can use a men's tie or a long piece of ribbon and tie a bow just under your bust to create an empire waist dress. As for the color, you may want to choose colors relating to the floral dress above (i.e. tans, beige's,camel, etc.), to achieve a more modern and age-appropriate look.
    Hope this helps. -Bisi