Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little Black Dress...

The Little Black Dress (aka LBD) is an essential dress that every Fashionable Collegian must have in their closet!  Given the recent change in the weather, calendars are filling up with events to go to. The LBD is a safe bet if you're planning to attend cocktail parties,  birthday dinners, going out on date, and of course, graduation ;) I last wore my LBD sometime ago when I attended Yale University's "Black Solidarity Conference." The color code for the conference dinner was black, so I knew that the women who attended the dinner, would ultimately make a considerable effort to stand out with their LBD. I was no exception. LOL! I'm a "blessed" woman, so I felt that a trapeze style dress would best suit my body type. and the added bow around the neck, helped to elevate the look. Check me out! POW!!!

 Click the "Read More" link, to see other LBD for various body types.   

There are a variety of dresses below for various body types. As you can  see, designers all have a different take on the LBD (yay for innovation!) Some dresses have ruffles, are skin tight, have little splashes of color, and are made of different types of fabrics. Because the LBD is black finding accessories shouldn't be a problem. Spruce up the whole look with gold or silver toned jewelry to get that classic look. Or, if you're the edgy/crazy/fun type, different colored accessories work fine with the LBD.

P.S. All of the dresses below are under $50!!!

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