Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Glasses Galore... (Part 1)

I rarely go out without my oversized shades (aka stunna shades or as some of my friends call them, “hater blockers” lol). I wear these glasses during the summer time, at night, in nightclubs, early in the morning, basically whenever. These glasses are dark in color and the gradation gets lighter towards the bottom. In addition, I have a round face, so these glasses, which are kind of square-ish in shape, compliment the shape of my face.

Unfortunately with wearing these glasses so often, my friends are always complaining that I wear them when they are not needed (i.e. when it isn’t sunny outside). Though this may be true, what my friends fail to understand and “accept" is that my glasses complete my look. When I wear these glasses in particular, I both feel and act different and moreover, people react to me differently (kind of like Anna Wintour, who is notoriously known for wearing dark, oversized shades at major fashion shows and events). Akin to Ms. Wintour, heads turn when I walk into a room with this specific type of oversized shades on. These glasses invoke the “I’m a diva”, “I’m a woman on a mission,” and/or “don’t f*ck with me” attitudes-and I LOVE that! hehe…

Aside from that, these glasses are quite stylish. They go with everything I wear. Check out some pics of me and my FAVORITE pair of oversized shades below. Let me know what you think :P  (Verdict: "Girl Stop!" or "Go Girl!"?)

Here are some glasses that you can buy online. They are all under $25.00 !!!

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