Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I Wore To Class...

Good morning Fashionable Collegians. Above is a pic of me and "What I Wore To Class." I have on a red Lane Bryant cardigan, an Old Navy black henley tank top (for $1.00 by the way, when they were having a clearance sale. Woop!), dark blue skinny jeans (got those at a store when I was in London. FYI, If you're looking for a pair of REAL skinny jeans, London is the place to go!), I have on a pair of basic black flats, and lastly I used my tan Longchamp bag for the day. 

Here's a pic of a
Fashionable Collegian I saw the other day. Her name is Alyssa and she's a Junior at Mount Holyoke.  She was wearing a juicy green trench coat that immediately stood out to me, so I had to take a picture of her! Trench coats are definitely in for the Spring season, and the fact that she's wearing a colored trench coat earns her some haute points! In my opinion Alyssa looks beautiful! What do you think?


*If you're a Fashionable Collegian, let me know "What YOU Wore To Class." Send your pics to my email (