Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashionable Collegian STYLE PROFILE: Geraldine Rodriguez of Mount Holyoke College

Salut, Fashionable Collegians! I hope everyone is doing well as the academic year  wanes away-just a few more weeks. Yikes! Time goes by so FAST!!! Aside from that,  I've been wanting to feature other Fashionable Collegian women (and men) on the blog, to showcase their own personal style on the blog. Therefore, this section of the blog will be called, "Fashionable Collegian Style Profile." If you're a college student with impeccable style and would like to be featured on here let me know!  (

With that said, I would like to present the FIRST Fashionable Collegian STYLE PROFILE. Her name is Geraldine and as some of you may know, she's been featured on here before. Take a look at how fashionable this college student is! :)

About Geraldine
Name: Geraldine Rodriguez '10
Age: 21
College and Major: Mount Holyoke College: Latin American Studies (major) Sociology (minor) 


Click below to check out more pictures of Geraldine's style and the interview I did with her, discussing her style and fashion in general. 

What clothing stores do you frequent: I frequent a variety of stores, but mostly Forever 21, H&M, Express, Guess, American Apparel, Bakers, Steve Madden, Victoria's Secret, Aeropostle, New York and Company, Macy's, I also shop in neighborhood small clothing stores/ thrift stores, or boutiques. 

Must have fashion accessory and why: My number one fashion accessory to have is at least one pair of name brand, stylish sunglasses. I feel it is extremely important to invest in a good pair of sunglasses because firstly you should always protect your eyes from the damages of sun rays, but more importantly for fashion purposes, sunglasses always complete your look whether you are deciding to dress down or do it up.

Some of your favorite fashion designers and why: One of my favorite top designers is Oscar De La Renta. I particularly enjoy watching his fashion shows and celebrities who wear his label because all of his clothing are distinguishable for its top notch vibrant colors and layers of surprises. A native from the Dominican Republic, (woop, woop) he holds true to his Latin roots by always adding a touch of spice and sexiness to all of his designs. He is also known for accommodating the curvaceous features of  Latinas, so this is extremely important for me! Another one of my favorite designers is Dolce and Gabbana. Personally I think,  Dolce and Gabbana represents true style, class,  and fashion at its finest. All of their designs look so classic and clean, you can never go wrong wearing them for any event!

Celebrity fashion inspiration and why: One of my favorite all time fashion inspirations is and will always be Jennifer Lopez! Despite the fact that she is also Latina, J.LO always looks impeccable at celebrity events, movies, award shows and wherever she is, even just walking her babies. She has a timeless sense of style and she is always nominated to be one of the best dressed at most events she attends because she knows how to always show her curves, but in a classy and respectable way. Another one of my favorite fashion inspirations is Kim Kardashian. Kim has become increasingly popular because of her celebrity status, but she also always gets recognition for her fashion options. I feel that in a lot of ways she mirrors J.LO in her style, but in a more hippy and younger version.


What was your style before entering college: My style before entering college was what I like to call "ghetto fabulous." I was always up to date with the new Jordans coming out or the new sweat suits from Rocawear, Sean Jean, Baby Phat, Lady Enyce, etc...) I went to high school in New York so my style was definitely very urban.

How has your style changed since then: My style has changed so much since high school, mainly because I left the city for college and was surrounded by a different crowd of people and environment. Suddenly one in just a few students of color on campus, my style was influenced by what I saw around me. I would describe my style now as more feminine, classy, and put together. I only own one pair of sneakers, which I use to work out, and I said bye bye to all the velour sweat suits.  I've become a "girly, girl" and chase after light, colorful, dresses, skirts, and rompers among many other clothing items.

Fashion advice:

So what's the verdict on Geraldine's style? Leave a comment below.


  1. wow - she's gorgeous!

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