Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I've Been Up To

                                                        Photo Source: some art fabric
Hey Fashionable Collegians! I hope you’re having a great summer :) I’m saddened that it has been a month since I’ve updated this blog. Je suis désolé-très désolé. Pardonnez-moi * is your friend* Truth is: Job searching has been a job in itself. Again I say, job searching is a job in itself. No bueno. All I want to do is work in Fashion *that’s Fashion with a capital F*, but it’s insanely COMPETITIVE. At this point, I don’t even care if I obtain a position at the bottom of the Fashion totem pole. Just to get my foot in the door would be AMAZING!!!  I’m trying hard to remain confident, but it’s a little discouraging when the economy is sucky, companies are firing instead of hiring, and furthermore, companies basically want you to have a PhD-No bull.
Nonetheless, aside from my depressing life *I’m dramatic like that, feel sorry for me. lol*, I had an AWESOME time last week. An alumna of Mount Holyoke is in the process of launching a Fashion collection this Fall and allowed me the invaluable opportunity to experience this with her. Last week, I made the hour-long journey from Long Island to the very exuberant NYC (the Garment District), to meet with the MHC alumna. 
When I arrived, I met a kind, soft-spoken man named, Walter Foster. Mr. Foster is very well known amongst the Fashion elite and has been in the Fashion industry for years working with an array of top-tier apparel companies. He will be producing the clothing samples for the MHC alumna’s Fall collection.

As I entered Mr. Foster’s workspace, I was met with an immense amount of clutter. Different types of fabric, dress forms, sewing machines, and flat sketches were everywhere in the tight workspace. Mind you, I’m semi-claustrophobic, but for some reason I felt invigorated walking into the room.

While Mr. Foster and the MHC alumna were talking, I sat in a chair and observed EVERYTHING in the room. I was essentially a sponge, soaking up everything to append my knowledge regarding pattern-making, sketching,  fabrics., etc.   It simply felt good being in an environment that I’ve been longing to be in. Mr. Foster was generous enough to allow me to take pics for my blog and furthermore, shared his insight about being confident in what you aspire to do in life. I took Mr. Foster’s advice and open opportunity to meet with him again, with much gratitude.
On the way home (courtesy of the good ‘ol LIRR) I felt different. Re-energized. Admittedly, I am not completely clear on how I will reach my goal of being a Fashion designer, Women’s clothing Buyer, and/or Fashion Editor *I love all things fashion* but I do know that it is safe to say that I’m at least on the right path. And I seek solace in that.
Bisous Chicas,



  1. Wow,great pics. Looks like you had fun. I'm excited for you.

  2. WoW great work, cool concept and the result is amazing.
    I would definitely love to see a few more of your designs.