Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashionable Collegians Like To Have Fun Too!!!

Hello Fashionable Collegians!!! I know it's been a while, but I'm officially back! Woop! Aside from final exams, the end of the semester entails A LOT of events. Thus far, I've attended many parties among other events held for seniors, and had a great time dressing up for each event. So, stay tuned for the pictures I took of various Fashionable Collegians who were at these events. 

The first major event I attended happened to be for one of my BFF's, Crystal. It was Crystal's 22nd Birthday!!! Instead of going out to dinner, Crystal had her party in a sun-room, in one of the beautiful dorms on campus.  Crystal looked amazing in her birthday-cocktail dress and so did everyone else. It was a LOVELY affair and everyone had a great time. Take a look at the Fashionable Collegians I spotted at the birthday party!

Crystal is an EXPERT at poppin' bottles. LOL!
Lovely Mount Holyoke Women!
All Black Everything. Hehe...

The Women look HAUTE!
Miss Moseley came to the party looking CUTE!
Aww, our little sisters have grown up to be such beautiful WOMEN!!!
Miss Grape giving us fierce!
Crystal ended the night with opening gifts! As you can see, she was very happy with the gift I gave her. Happy 22nd Birthday Crystal!

*FYI you can click the pictures to see them in a larger view!

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  1. CUTE!!! Everyone looked GREAT!!!

  2. I love the pictures, they look soo cute!!! Once again, great job Miss Bisi!!